In Which I Blog to Remember

18 01 2011

I resisted writing this post, because I wanted to write something funny. After all, I’ve been non-humorous the past two nights. Still, it’s my blog, and tonight I’m writing because if I don’t, I’ll forget something beautiful that happened, which is unacceptable.

I have a sinus infection. I know. This is a ridiculous winter. My doctor prescribed Levaquin, a very expensive antibiotic. But hey, I’ve had Levaquin before, and my brand name copay is $25. No biggie.

I have new insurance.

I don’t complain about my insurance very much, because I’m just so glad I have it. Still, it’s a bit of a shock to go from a $25 copay to a $95 copay for the same medication.

Still, I’ve used enough antibiotics and been sick enough that yes, this is the medication I need to take, so I sucked it up and thanked heaven that at least insurance knocked off about half the price.

I got home and told Car how annoyed I was about the change in our coverage, and as he assured me that we’d be fine, but he hoped not many prescriptions would cost that much money, Big G came over and sat next to me.

“Mom,” he said, looking up at me, “I have money in my bank.”

There are moments in motherhood when my heart becomes so full that I don’t understand how it fits in my chest.

I started crying. I hugged him and hid my tears as best I could, because kids often don’t get the whole “I’m crying because I’m overwhelmed by the joy of being your mom” thing.

So I write this moment down, because odds are tomorrow I’ll want to duct tape him to the wall. Motherhood is bipolar like that.




9 responses

23 01 2011

“motherhood is bipolar like that” How smart is that statement. So smart. Also. Don’t you love when kiddos say the sweetest things and they don’t even realize it?

22 01 2011

Big g can be such a stud!

21 01 2011

lorrrrrrrd, i love that child.

20 01 2011
Mama P

Oh that is so sweet, just reading that makes me want to cry, I can’t imagine being in the moment. Motherhood is bipolar, one minute your in tears of something sweet and innocent your child has done, the next you want to hang them from the rafters lol (not really, but ya know, just saying!)

19 01 2011

oh. kids are so sweet. you never hear about the sweet stories anymore, just the monster stories. this warms my heart.

19 01 2011

the bipolar aspect is so true. Gotta love the sweet innocense of our babes 🙂 Love you

19 01 2011

I can spell innocence I just can’t type

18 01 2011

Oh geez, Jenny, you made me cry!

18 01 2011

So so so sweet! And by that, I mean the cute kid, not the $95 copay or sinus infection.

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