Inappropriate Boring

14 01 2011

On Wednesday the boys and I were stringing beads and making necklaces. Shut up. It’s perfectly age and gender appropriate. It builds manual dexterity! Anyway, I bought this big tub o’ beads at Walmart and it has a veritable smorgasboard of choices for the young jewelry maker.

Included in the options are several different animals. Now, I realize there’s a real challenge in figuring out where to place the…ahem… stringing holes, but…


ROAR! I'm the king of the beasts!

ROAR! I'm ready for my annual rectal exam!

Oh, wait...apparently I've been shot by a musket.

And then there’s our friend Mr. Rhino:

I'm such a happy rhino!

Wait, I'm not happy! I'm terribly alarmed!

As well I should be.

Also violated in this bead collection: giraffes, elephants, cats, and poodles.

The poodles were probably asking for it.




9 responses

18 01 2011

Oh Jenny, I love how your crazy, filthy mind operates!

16 01 2011
Vicki @ Crowning Victoria


15 01 2011

not the poodles!

14 01 2011
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14 01 2011


14 01 2011

Call me inappropriate, but all I could think of was that the lion’s mouth would be touching the rhino’s butt when they were strung together. What can I say?

14 01 2011


14 01 2011

P.S. This is the kind of post that’s totally worth your blogging time. In my opinion.

14 01 2011

Once they’re strung up, no one will notice what killed them.

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