You, Sir, Are No Frisbee Champion

13 01 2011

I love my job. You remember that, right? When I write posts like this, I feel it’s important to remind everyone that I remain a pharmacy technician because I truly enjoy the work.

Tuesday night one of my…less favorite customers walked in. We’ll call him “Bob.” Bob is one of those customers who isn’t necessarily openly objectionable—just annoying. I did the whole “immerse myself in whatever is available so that I seem terribly busy and don’t have to help him” tactic. It worked momentarily, but then the pharmacist had to take a phone call and asked me to finish the sale.

“Oh, wait,” said Bob, “I forgot one thing.” He jogged down the aisle and grabbed a box of Prilosec. He stopped about 20 feet from the register and lobbed it toward me. Not surprisingly, it fell short. He picked it up and said, “I used to play frisbee.”

At this point, I just want him to go away. Of course, if that had happened, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

A normal person would pick up the box of Prilosec and set it on the counter. Bob is not normal. Bob was living the frisbee dream. He picked up the box and flung it straight at me. Strangely enough, I wasn’t really expecting a frontal assault, and the box pegged me in the middle of the chest.

People? I’d like to take a moment to brag. In a show of epic restraint, I did not lob a bottle of Miralax at Bob’s head. Instead, I said, “I’d prefer it if customers didn’t throw products at me.”

Bob, of course, then impugned my sense of humor and questioned how long I’ve worked at the pharmacy since he didn’t recognize me (answer: four years).

Bob finally went away, and I was left with two thoughts:

  1. What the hell?
  2. At least it’s good blog fodder

I do love how blogging has changed my view of the world.




7 responses

23 01 2011

WTF is wrong with some people?

14 01 2011

wait, i’m still hung up on the you-didn’t-injure-him part.

13 01 2011

You are a better woman than I… I would have either chucked it back at him or walked away after telling him I could not complete his sale. How douchey can he be?

13 01 2011

Your life is so thrill a minute!


13 01 2011

And don’t you forget it!

13 01 2011

so did he think the bottle of prilosec was a frisbee? if he did, I’m hoping his script was for some kind of anti-psychotic.

love ya! the interesting stories are always the crazy ones. no one wants to hear about all the pleasant people. what fun would that be?

13 01 2011

Love it! I seriously had a guy throw an alternator at me when I worked at Checker in college. I caught the stupid thing and chucked it right back at him. Not very hard but it still surprised the crud out of him. He was mad that it was broken after he installed it wrong and we couldn’t honor the warranty. I just looked at him and said “I used to play baseball” to which he stomped out of the store and threw it in the trash losing his $30 core charge in the process. I don’t think people think things through sometimes. Good self control though! That’s impressive. I’m pretty sure I would have thrown the miralax or at least walked away.

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