Pretty Good Year

3 01 2011

I wasn’t planning to spend a post talking about 2010, but I got an e-mail from WordPress detailing my stats from last year and it got me thinking (that seems to be happening a lot lately) (the thinking, that is).

January 1, 2010: a whopping 24 posts.

On March 11, 2010 I made a decision to blog daily. I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve made a pretty decent effort.

January 1, 2011: 314 posts.

January 1, 2010: 31 comments.

January 1, 2011: 2003 comments.

Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top don’t think I’m bragging. I’m not. I’m such a very small fish in the blogging ocean. But when I see these things in black and white? Suddenly I feel like I accomplished something last year. Maybe it’s not really important, maybe it’s not world-changing…but it’s something. So often I feel like I’m treading water—trying so hard to stay afloat that I can’t manage anything else. But look! I created! I wrote! I did this!

And you guys? You read it. You come here, you read my words, you comment. There aren’t enough words to tell you what that means to me. Without you, none of what I just wrote would’ve happened. I love writing, but without readers, there’s no reason to write. You laugh with me, you cry with me, you keep me honest, and you (usually) do it all without making me feel like a complete freak.

So, to sum it up: I’m awesome. You’re awesome. Let’s all dance and be happy and frolic through the meadows.

Or, you know, we could just go out for lunch. That’d be cool.





8 responses

5 01 2011

Way to go! Geez, has a year gone by already? I remember you CALLING me about this whole blogging idea! Isn’t it fun? 🙂 I’m very happy for you!

4 01 2011

I vote for lunch with your mean pot o’ pasta. Nay to the frolic…you wear high heels in the snow. Way too dangerous for me 😉

3 01 2011

Lunch? Hm. Let me check my calendar. Should be good.

And also? I’m now about to go on a Tori Amos bender. I’m blaming you.

3 01 2011

Lunch! Awesomeness! Woot!

3 01 2011

I’m good with lunch! Frolicing might be kind of hard until the snow melts.

Yeah I know frolicing isn’t a real word.

3 01 2011

could we lunch, nap and THEN frolic? ’cause that would really be best for me. ❤

3 01 2011

I don’t want to get all touchy feely (feeley?) on you…but you’ve been an inspiration to me. I am in awe of all you normal people who write great blogs and have a substantial following. I want to be one of those people. Not that I think my life is interesting…because it usually isn’t. I would say that I like people and I want to get to know more of them…but that isn’t true, I generally don’t like people. Ok, I like awesome people and THOSE are the people I want to read my blog and the people I want to know (through their blogs or in real life). So…thanks for being awesome!

3 01 2011

That was a fun email to get, wasn’t it? Although the overall meter told me nothing since I didn’t know what it was measuring. I also didn’t like how they told me all my top posts are from previous years. (Although I kind of knew that. My top post of all time is about making magnetic paper dolls. Go figure.)

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