So That Was Christmas

26 12 2010

You may have noticed I took a little break. I didn’t have a lot to say, plus I figured why write fabulous material (because you know everything I write is gold) when all of you are off gallivanting about. Yeah, I can always justify laziness. I’m crafty like that.

Christmas was nice. Low-key. The boys loved their presents, nothing huge was overlooked, and even the panic of Christmas Eve morning—wherein Big G announced we needed to write to Santa to tell him to bring a train—was but a small blip on the radar.

Altogether a good Christmas, unless you ask Big G who, as we left my parents’ house last night, informed everyone, “Actually, my mom is having kind of a hard day.”

Good to know he’s got my back.




4 responses

27 12 2010

what a cutie. you’re training that young one well.

27 12 2010


27 12 2010

Sadly, Santa’s sled was already loaded up. Tragic!

26 12 2010
Mrs. Organic

What a sweetheart. It just goes to show you how tuned in our kids are

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