I Love This Man

20 12 2010

Right now my husband is at the story buying me Poise pads because I’m too sick to do it myself. Y’all, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. Although it’s quite possible he doesn’t want to share the bed with a bed-wetter, but I’m going with the love thing.

I mentioned I’ve recently developed an interest in making bath fizzies and bath salts as gifts for friends. By “developed an interest,” of course, I mean “become obsessive and researched endlessly and spent too much money on supplies to make said bath salts.”  I know. It’s ridiculous, but that’s just how I roll sometimes.

So I was whipping up a batch of orange-lavender bath bombs, and Car came in the kitchen, sniffing the air.

Car: “What’s that smell?”
Me: “Orange-lavender. It’s supposed to reduce irritation.”
Car: “Oh, you definitely need to use that.”
I start whacking him with the whisk.
Car: Stepping away quickly “It’s not working!”

I’ve never been one for alternative medicine, but there’s something to be said for this aromatherapy thing. I don’t know if it’s the passion of a new hobby or if it’s the orange-lavender doing its thing, but for the next couple of days (you know, until the plague hit) my mood was better than it’s been for weeks. Car noticed this, and even when he realized I’d probably spent more than we could afford (in other words, more than zero) he said something to this effect:

“I know you spent a lot, but it’s making you happy, so I’m okay with it.”

This man I married? He’s a good man. He bought me incontinence supplies and now he’s changing the furnace filters. He makes me laugh, he holds me when I cry, he encourages my whims and he loves me for who I am. He’s a miracle.

Okay. Apparently the plague is making me sappy. I’ll stop now and go to sleep. If we’re lucky I’ll wet the bed and we’ll have something to laugh about tomorrow. We can only hope!




6 responses

22 12 2010

“I start whacking him with a whisk.” So are you still sure the zombie whacker thing wasn’t you?

And yes, that is a great man you married!

21 12 2010
Cat Lady

Does he have a single brother with a thing for frumps who read too much?

21 12 2010

aw! you guys are cute!

21 12 2010

So I’ve pretty much sucked at finding time to read blogs lately. And I had a whole THING with blog readers (long story). But now that that’s fixed, I’m somewhat more organized and excited to get back to better blog reading and posting. Forgive my absence. I’ve skimmed a bunch of your posts. Here are some of my thoughts:

You are a riot. Your kids are cute. You are looking like your mom more and more all the time. Good to see your parents. Where is Peter? Sorry you’re wetting the bed. I’ve always thought your husband was a super nice guy and he’s perfect for you (and vice versa).

21 12 2010

please be for to informing your husband that i like him lots, despite his disapproval of my language. thank you and goodbye.

21 12 2010

It’s not the plague making you sappy. It’s the orange/lavender combo. If you want further scent ideas, let me know. I’ve done a lot of “beta testing” of scents in candle and soap/lotion making. But, please, for the sake of the blog, quit smelling the orange and lavender. (We’ll all miss snarky Jenn. Or at least I will. And we both know I’m awesome, so listen to me!)

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