You Have Spam

13 12 2010

I’m pretty OCD about my email. I’m not a person who has, say, a few hundred unread messages lurking about. Does that mean I’m great about replying? Oh, no. But I do read it! Hey, that has to count for something. The point is, I like a clean mailbox. Right now I have 2 unread messages in my inbox, and that’s only because one is a reminder from my credit card company and I’m leaving it unread to remind myself to pay the bill. Also? I’m so OCD that I just had to check to see what the other unread message was. My national pharmacy tech certification is expiring, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I do have a point here. That point is that I actually left a message sitting in the spam folder for, like, a month because it entertained me enough to blog about it. See how much I love you people? And it’s not even that funny! I know. I’m a sad, sad woman.

So here’s my question: if, per the Viagra/Cialis/Levitra commercials, a man is supposed to contact medical professionals if his erection lasts more than four hours, what should said man do when it lasts three months?

Inquiring minds want to know. I want to know!




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15 12 2010


14 12 2010

well, it didn’t say “erection.” it just said big penis. soooo I’m thinking it just enlarges the penis, but only for 3 months.

14 12 2010

Which just reaffirms my reply to Meredith. JUST like Flowers for Algernon. Like, EXACTLY.

14 12 2010

Is 4 hours a problem?

14 12 2010
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14 12 2010

if you want a bigger penis and you get one for three months, isn’t the ensuing return to small-penisdom really, really sad?

or if no one is around to hear your weeping, did it really happen?

14 12 2010

It’s like Flowers for Algernon, only with penises!

14 12 2010

Oh Jen. You kill me.

14 12 2010

Well, that’s when he gets a career in porn films. I hear they pay pretty highly for that sort of skill.

14 12 2010

HA HA HA!!! I just died laughing!! Yeah…what do you do? Seams like there would be a lot of pain involved in this scenario!!

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