A Joyful Noise

9 12 2010

I like Christmas music. I know! I seem all hardened and mean, but deep down inside I’m just a big softie.

Stop laughing. Stop laughing now, or I’ll come  over and whack you upside the head. Jerks.

Just a quick music-related note for this Christmas season: the person who decided “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music would make a fantastic Christmas song was sadly misguided. (FYI: I’m partial to whiskers on kittens, as whiskerless kittens tend to look rather creepy).

I’m going to stop while I’m ahead. Or at least before I’ve implicated myself in anything. I’m very tired, and I’m still trying to shake this stupid stomach bug that ravaged our family almost a week ago. Good times!

You, lovely readers, are the wind beneath my wings. The peanut butter to my jelly. The ham to my cheese.

Wow. Must stop typing. Good night everybody!




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26 11 2012
Christmas is a Feeling « Like Swimming

[…] of you may recall that I previously discussed my all-consuming hatred of the use of “My Favorite Things” as a Christmas song. That hasn’t changed a bit, but I’d like to talk about some more traditional […]

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