Wordless Wednesday – Young Love

8 12 2010




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15 02 2011
Every Breath You Take « Like Swimming

[…] T, Big G’s preschool girlfriend? Well, making cute paper crafts for widows is well and good, but making something for your adorable […]

10 12 2010

I like the car on big g’s head. Festive.

9 12 2010

Oh my, they are adorable! 🙂

9 12 2010

Cuteness!! Sorry I missed it.

9 12 2010

you are in so much trouble with these two!

9 12 2010

TOO sweet, TOOO adorable. Can’t wait to see these at Big G’s wedding…

9 12 2010

I came upon your blog via Mom-nom.com. You are fantastic. I spent an hour at work yesterday just reading all your blogs back to August. Many laugh out loud moments. 🙂 You don’t know how much it improved my day. Thanks!

8 12 2010

Also I love it.

8 12 2010

Oh my heavens. This is just to dang cute. I live it.

8 12 2010

Oy, with the sweetness, it’s too much; I can’t handle it.

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