And Then My Brain Broke

6 12 2010

Friday night I came home from work to discover, as previously mentioned, a vomiting toddler.

On Sunday, I became the vomiter. I’m not going to say that was worse, because as all parents know, it’s much worse to watch your children suffer—at least, on a psychological level.

Here’s what I will say: I’m not a fan of dealing with heaving child number two before my own queasiness has left the building.

And now Car’s tummy is feeling “off.”

If you live in my neighborhood, I’d recommend cutting a wide swath around my home.

I was going somewhere with this post when I started writing it. You know, back before I was interrupted by the cry of dire portent. But now, two hours later, I have no idea where that somewhere may have been. Also, Big G is in my lap watching “Blue Planet,” which just showed a pod of killer whales kill a baby gray whale. What the crap, “Blue Planet”?

I’ll leave you with two thoughts:

  1. I’m glad I’m not a whale.
  2. I’m putting away the laptop before it gets puked on.



6 responses

8 12 2010

don’t they make that plastic sticky stuff to cover laptops from child contamination now? i mean, we might not have hover boards, but at least we’ve been working on anti-puke devices for centuries, right?

8 12 2010
Cat Lady

I hope you all feel better. I thought it was rough dealing with cat colds and hair balls.

8 12 2010

i made some truffles yesterday and i was going to bring some to you, but i’ll hold off on that. i put a fancy curly ribbon on the bag and everything! i’d prefer to limit human interaction right now, since everyone seems to be dying of this stomach plague.

7 12 2010

two words: ginger ale

7 12 2010

Good call on the laptop. Our Leapster got puked on in the car and doesn’t work anymore.

I hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon!

7 12 2010

Makes me glad I have a nasty cold and not that kind of vomiting fun.

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