I had not thought to assume otherwise.

27 11 2010

This is the toilet at my place of work:

It’s not just me, right? Normally I would just sit on the toilet and do my thing, but now? I’m all paranoid.

I can’t decide if this is better or worse than the “No Parking” sign that used to be there. Yes, I work with a bunch of 12-year-olds. Thanks for noticing.

*Sorry about the blurry photo, but it’s a cell phone picture. In the bathroom. I’m feeling all skeevy just thinking about it.




4 responses

29 11 2010
Cat Lady

As long as you have them trained to refill the toilet paper roll when it’s empty, consider yourself blessed.

29 11 2010

i’d be nervous, too. was there someone with ebola who just died on this toilet? i’m intrigued and frightened.

28 11 2010
Mrs. Organic

That has about the same effect as “”Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

28 11 2010

that’s, like, way skeevier than graffiti. there’s effort and HIGHLIGHTER COLOR COORDINATION involved. whoa.

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