25 11 2010

Today I’m grateful I don’t work at a place that makes me hand this flyer out with every order in the weeks preceding Thanksgiving:

Let’s be honest. When the first shipment of these arrived? There’s a good chance I’d burn the place to the ground and dance in the dying embers.

What, you thought I’d have a thoughtful post about all the blessings in my life? It’s cute how you sometimes act like you’ve never read my blog before.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!




4 responses

27 11 2010

oh. tacos. i suddenly don’t have time to comment.

27 11 2010

have some tacos? i don’t see the point of this flyer. i mean, i’d rather have tacos than turkey because i don’t like turkey, but wouldn’t the store rather have people buy turkeys from them? perhaps they have become benevolent protectors of the poultry world.

26 11 2010

🙂 hee! Oh, and happy Thanksgiving and what not.

26 11 2010

oh I love ya hard!

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