Do they make a pill-shaped arrangement?

15 11 2010

I was browsing a floral website last night (in tandem with Meredith, of Oh, That Meredith fame) to find the bouquet Mer should send for being abusive to me while she’s all drugged up. (Hint: It should be large and expensive.)

There are some hideous floral arrangements out there. I’m not going to link to them, because:

  1. Nobody is paying me for advertising.
  2. I’ll inevitably link something you think is charming, or perhaps you sent to somebody last week, and you’ll hate me.
  3. It’s too much work.

As I browsed, I noticed at the bottom of the screen this site had one of those “similar interests” boxes.

So…apparently I’m an alcoholic who loves cake.

It’s like they’re in my head!




6 responses

17 11 2010

I think you should do the strawberry margarita arrangement… classy!

16 11 2010

ok, if you are sending or receiving a beer mug flower arrangement, you are a serious redneck. and i will search for a vicodin-shaped arrangement for your birthday. it’s the closest you can get to the real thing.

16 11 2010

baha! why do they make boozey floral arrangements? even more? why fake food? I prefer the real food. I don’t want these effing flowers that look like food. those just make me mad that I don’t have any cake. *sigh*

16 11 2010

is true! no slouch! but not always best posture, must admit. verrr ashamed. whimper.

16 11 2010

Jenny, it’s great when you make me laugh in the morning *LOL* And Meredith is no slouch either 🙂 Thanks so much.

16 11 2010

It will be large and it wll be expensive, and I think it might require a twitter vot. Just saying.

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