Money-Saving Measures

13 11 2010




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20 11 2010
Find Your Own Damn Latex « Like Swimming

[…] Just don’t ask me where the restrooms are. We all know how that ends. […]

15 11 2010
Cat Lady

Does anybody else out there remember those good old days of those huge pink Kotex boxes? There was no way to hide them, and of course, that’s when you’d always run into the guy you thought was “hot” back in high-school. Oh, the trauma.

15 11 2010


14 11 2010

Hahahahahaha! I hope no one has taken this literally. Hahahahaha!

14 11 2010

Love it. I have been crying laughing as I catch up on your blog. Why can’t we see each other more?

14 11 2010
Kristina P.

Love it. We missed you this weekend!

14 11 2010

LOL!!! Sometimes I wonder if people do these things on purpose. 🙂

14 11 2010


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