Sibling Rivalry

12 11 2010

Little G is finally at an age where he and Big G can sort of play together. This obviously doesn’t mean they leave me alone, because hell has not yet frozen over. Still, it’s pretty cute to watch them run around together.

It also means they’re becoming more aggressive with each other—and not just when they’re playing. We’re seeing more pushing and hitting (though Little G seems to be moving past the biting phase, thank goodness).

Today they took a bath together. Little G splashed Big G. Maybe it was an accident, maybe not. Big G was angered by this. He splashed Little G back. This annoyed Little G, who splashed Big G again. Big G started yelling, and kind of slapped at Little G.

I was at the sink, and turned to tell them to be nice to each other.

Little G had apparently reached his limit because, as I turned, he stood up in the bathtub and peed on his brother.

It’s hard to get kids out of the tub when you’re convulsed with laughter. Just thought I’d let you know.




5 responses

15 11 2010

I think LIttle G deserves a metal! That has got to be one of the best comebacks ever! Oh, to be a fly on your wall…

15 11 2010

…and by ‘metal’ I of course meant ‘medal’. I’m fired.

14 11 2010

I nearly peed reading this. Gotta love having boys huh?

13 11 2010

peeing. awesome. can’t wait to have boys someday and I truly mean that.

12 11 2010

Uh oh. Just wait until Big G hits the teen years. One of them will probably be plotting homicide by that point.

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