Apparently We Need a Plan C

11 11 2010

I meet some interesting people at the pharmacy. I’m sure you’re surprised.

Today I spoke on the phone with a woman who had questions about Plan B (emergency contraception). She was embarrassed to even ask questions, and I did my best to ease her concerns.

A few hours later she stopped in to buy the Plan B. The pharmacist counseled her about side effects, and reminded her that it needs to be taken within 72 hours after she had unprotected sex. The counseling led to this conversation:

Pharmacist: So if you take it outside that 72 hour window, it won’t be effective.

Customer: Well, can I return it? If I don’t open the packaging?

Pharmacist: Umm…yeah, I guess you could.

Customer: Okay, good.

We talk a little bit about side effects. The pharmacist goes elsewhere to check on something.

Me: So if you’re already pregnant, this won’t do anything, but if you aren’t, it should prevent implantation.

Customer: So I can return it if I don’t need it.

Me: That’s what the pharmacist said.

Customer: Okay. I might take a pregnancy test, and if it’s negative, I’ll take the pill. So it’s good I can return it if I need to.

Me: Wait, so…when did you have unprotected sex?

Customer: Ummm…last night? This morning?

Me: So you take the pill today, and it falls within the 72 hour window.

Customer: But I can return it if I don’t need it.

Me: Well, yes, but if you take a pregnancy test today, it’ll be negative no matter what.

Customer: blank look Yeah, I know.

Me: Okay, good. So you can just take the pill today.

Customer: It’s good I can return it if I don’t need it.

By then I was torn between offering her an immediate refund (since she’s so obviously concerned about her finances) and getting her a cup of water so I could watch her take the pill.

Decisions, decisions.

In the end, she left the pharmacy with her Plan B. Now let’s all pray she can figure out how to use it.




12 responses

1 09 2011

dude. no.

16 11 2010
La Yen

I know this girl very, very, very well.

15 11 2010

in my own fascist world, all children get IUDs (and some boy equiv that we’ll come up with) at 10 and must go through counseling and get a license to get them removed for baby making. it’s brilliant, really, if not completely crushing civil liberties and the right to privacy. but hey, it’d be my fascist world, and i could crush whatever i wanted. so there.

15 11 2010

Wow… just… wow. I agree with Rachel!

15 11 2010

Wow… just… wow.

14 11 2010

Eek. She obviously doesn’t quite get how conception works. And who returns birth control to pharmacies? Idiots should not have kids.

12 11 2010

I guess a discussion of the economics of having an unplanned pregnancy vs. the cost of Plan B would have been a bit over her head…

12 11 2010

there is no prescription for stupid.

12 11 2010

So frustrating! I pray she isn’t pregnant! And wastes the money! How stupid! No wonder she got in this pickle to begin with. I can’t even believe she knew about the Plan B option. UGH!
Some of the stories you tell just amaze me. It seems most people who approach your counter are clueless! Is that why the pharmaceutical companies are so plentiful? They are banking or such individuals?
At least job security for you…
Reminds me of the time I was a waitress and was expected to serve cocktails… I always had in the back of my mind that one drink might just be the one that causes that person to drive right into a telephone pole… I didn’t want to be responsible, but they were the one buying the alcohol…
I really hope she is NOT pregnant!

12 11 2010

Wow. Just, wow.

12 11 2010

Wow. I think I might have gone for the watch her take it plan. I’m trying to think of a un-rude way to mention Darwin in this comment, but can’t seem to come up with one…

12 11 2010
Bobbi Janay

Wow, is all I can say,

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