The Tenth Circle

9 11 2010

This is Little G:

Little G, like most children his age, likes to play with balls. (Get your minds out of the gutter, jerks.) Big, small, inflatable, golf, tennis…it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t really think about this fact before we went bowling Monday night.


Tell me when you see the problem. Yes? Are we on the same page?

That’s right! A bowling alley is full of…balls! Of so many fascinating colors!

What we naively assumed would be an evening filled with family fun turned into this:

Now, it wasn’t all bad. After all, Big G (who, by that point, had reached a frenzied level of excitement) finally got to go bowling…

…and discovered the wonder of the ball return while miraculously retaining all his fingers!

Little G discovered the floor was quite slippery…

…but still managed to bowl a few frames of his own.

How cute is that? It almost makes me forget that I spent much of the time restraining a 2-year-old with the wriggling abilities of an eel, as well as the fact that we left after playing 5 or 6 frames because there was no way on God’s green earth we were staying until that game was done.

As we drove away, Big G said, “I miss the bowling already. Let’s go tomorrow morning!”

Aww. So sweet. And so not happening for another 5 years.




2 responses

11 11 2010

so sweet!

10 11 2010

I like the bowling alleys that have slides for the bowling balls for the kiddo’s. Makes it so much easier, AND it’s fun! We love bowling!

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