Best Mom EVER

4 11 2010

Tonight Big G was having a little freak-out session in the car. Not in a bad way—just the type of spastic motions that urge other drivers to call the cops and report an unrestrained preschooler in my car. He was, of course, restrained. I kind of like him alive, and do my very best to keep him that way (though the side-to-side gyrations and accompanying yelps gave me momentary pause on that point).

So we’re driving along…yelp, gyrate, tickle Little G until he cries, jerk head back and forth wildly.


Then from the back seat, a pathetic wail: “Mo-om!”

I suppress my giggles.

“Mo-om! I hurt myself!”


I’m ever-so-proud to report I did not say, “I told you so.”

Seriously, people. I’m the best mom ever.




4 responses

5 11 2010

I would have laughed too… which makes me an awesome mom as well. 😀

5 11 2010

this made me smile! I so would have done the ‘I told you so’ thing!

5 11 2010

I concur.!

4 11 2010

you are. you so are.

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