A Grand Experiment

31 10 2010

Car suggested I try something new this week: going to bed by 11:00 every night.

I know! How weird is that?

I have mixed feelings about bedtime. On the one hand, I have a passionate love affair with sleep (this is no mere fling—at any given moment, ask me what I’d most like to do, and the answer will be “sleeping”).

On the other hand, I like time to myself. I thoroughly enjoy the time of day when everyone else is in bed and I can read, blog, watch TV, or just sit and chat with friends on Twitter.

And on the third hand (wait, the third hand?), I really hate getting ready for bed. I hate brushing my teeth, washing my face, taking my pills. I frequently pass out on the couch just to avoid these activities.

So. Is a conflict, yes?

But I’m crabby all the time. I snap at the boys and at Car. I turn on the TV so the boys will watch cartoons and let me doze off. My family is suffering, and when it comes down to it, I’ve been too selfish to change that.

Thus I’m embarking on this grand experiment. I’m not sure what this will do to my blogging, since I generally blog after midnight, but it’ll be interesting to find out. Right?! Perhaps I’ll start to actually make sense. That’d be new and exciting!

Maybe next week I’ll give up Dr. Pepper or something. Shut up. It could happen! Jerks.

On that note, it’s after 10, so I’d better get ready for bed.





3 responses

1 11 2010

yeah good luck with that

1 11 2010
Lady of Perpetual Chaos

I’m usually asleep by 10 pm. And I LOVE it. But there is one simple thing that makes it work….my girls go to bed at 7 pm. I love that too. Good luck you crazy health nut!

1 11 2010

I think I will join you in your experiment. We have been going to bed around 1am. I wish I could say that I was doing something productive like blogging while I am up that late, but I am usually just mindlessly channel surfing.

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