29 10 2010

Sometimes I feel guilty when I do things that are just for me. I’m not alone in that feeling, right?

So today’s post will seem unremarkable to some, but I’d bet most of you will understand why I’m blogging such a silly, small thing.

Today I took some time for this:

Those are my feet. I'm not the one actually giving the pedicure.

Which progressed to this:

This is Sunni. She's cute and funny and has ridiculously long eyelashes, but I still like her.


And left me with this:

My fingers got the royal treatment as well:

Though they aren’t very impressive looking since they break if you look at them funny. (I’d better not catch any of you staring at my nails. Jerks.)

I relaxed. I laughed. I felt a little bit of the old me flow back into my soul.

It was good.

I sit here typing, stealing glances at my pink fingers and scarlet toes, and I’m happy. Satisfied, even.

It is good.

When was the last time you did something completely frivolous to pamper yourself?




8 responses

4 12 2010

Jenny. I found the post, took me long enough!! hahah it was so fun meeting with you and doing the mani/pedi. I am so glad you gave in for a little pampering. We all have time for some self love. You are a hilarious woman and so fun to talk with. Come see me soon. Much Love.


30 10 2010

Confession: I had a toenail fungus for MANY years (working in retail for over a decade will do that to you) and it’s finally gone and growing out. I can hardly WAIT to paint my toenails with sparkly nail polish again!

Maybe I’ll do my fingernails today. I still don’t have much money for frivolous things, but I can paint my nails blue just for fun. 🙂

30 10 2010

For my birthday Nick gave me a certificate to go get a mani-pedi while he watches Colin, but I just can’t get out and do it because I feel like I’m too busy! I need to go git r done!

30 10 2010

I got my hair done a few weeks ago-thanks to you!

30 10 2010

I have never had a mani/pedi before! I have an incredibly hard time doing things for myself. Even if it is just buying a new shirt. I know I need to, but buying clothes for my kids is WAY more fun.

30 10 2010

It’s been forever since I had a mani/pedi but I’m thinking maybe I ought to go get one. Yours looks so pretty!

30 10 2010

it’s been forever since I’ve been frivolous. I gave myself pedis throughout the summer and early fall, but I used to get massages every few months. Maybe it’s time…

30 10 2010

mmm mani pedis are the best kind of pampering. my last fave pedi was when I was moving. it had been a loooooong day of packing and loading and unloading in like 115 degree inland california heat. my bestie and I decided to go get our toes done. best. idea. ever.

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