Why I Work

28 10 2010

Where else can I have conversations like this?

Pharmacist (about to give flu shot): Which arm would you prefer?
Customer: You can give it to me wherever you want.
Me: snort
Pharmacist: Oh, come on. It wasn’t even that funny.
Me: giggling
Customer: What’s not that funny?
Pharmacist: “That’s what she said.”
Me: How was that not funny?
Customer: snicker
Me: Hee!

And let’s be honest—work would be far less fulfilling without loudspeaker announcements like this one (which incapacitated the pharmacy staff for several minutes):

“I need someone to take a delivery in the back end.”

I love my job.




5 responses

1 11 2010
Stay At Home Babe

That was awesome.

30 10 2010

Hee hee, oh to be a fly on your pharmacy wall!

29 10 2010

BAHA! that’s what she said.

29 10 2010

Hee heee

28 10 2010

So I’m always comforted to know that I’m not the only mormon mommy perv out there. Thanks for sharing.

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