Mundane Monday – 10/25/10

25 10 2010

I’ve been a bad blogger. I randomly skip posts and don’t even explain what happened. (Hint: it mostly involves falling asleep on the couch.) But look! Here I am! All ready to post about awesomeness!

If you feel so inclined, let me know what made your week great.

  • I was running late for work on Saturday and asked Car to pack some yogurt and granola for my breakfast. He put them in separate little containers so the granola wouldn’t get soggy.
  • Little G has a new phrase. It goes a little something like this: “Little G, should we change your diaper?” “No way!” Seriously, it’s adorable.
  • I don’t have pneumonia. I know, that doesn’t sound like a positive thing, but trust me, since I currently have yet another respiratory infection, I’ll take whatever I can get. Although I could do without the coughing until I vomit, but whatever.
  • Speaking of my respiratory infection, right now my singing voice sounds like Lucinda Williams. I need to go record something, quick!
  • It snowed! Yes, that means it’s getting cold and icky, but it is awfully pretty on the mountains.
  • The primary program was this past Sunday. For you non-Mormon readers, primary is pretty much Sunday School for little kids, and once a year they put on a program that involves songs and a little speaking part for each kid. Some of you may recall Big G’s graduation performance. I will say this about Big G’s performance on Sunday: at least he didn’t have a hat with a tassel. Also, he managed to compress the line, “I will try to live like Jesus Christ every day” into about two syllables, which was an admirable feat.
  • I had another good quarterly meeting with my licensing board. Ergo, I can still count pills and sell drugs. Hurrah!
  • We carved jack-o-lanterns tonight. I really don’t like carving pumpkins, but I have to admit I was vastly amused by Big G’s insistence that his pumpkin have…wait for it…four different faces. It’s quite the jack-o-lantern. I’ll have to post pictures when they’re downloaded. I was going for an angry pumpkin, but I’m pretty sure it just ended up looking sardonic.

That’s it for today. Thanks for being patient with me as I try to stay awake long enough to blog.

Now excuse me while I go cough up a lung. Good times.




3 responses

26 10 2010

I am 99 percent finished with costumes. It isn’t even the 30th and I am almost done!! Yeah!
Snow is pretty
My husband hung new curtains for me
I have been redecorating!

26 10 2010

* I’m catching up on mending and other sewing. Stuff that wasn’t even on the list.
* Expectorant is my friend. Shhhh. If I don’t talk, my throat won’t get raw.
* I made a Daphne costume (from Scooby Doo) for my friend Celia and it looks awesome!

26 10 2010

I could use some cold right about now. Pass on icky but cold will do nicely.

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