“Highly entertaining,” you say?

21 10 2010

My brother forwarded this e-mail with a comment: “This has to be the stupidest contest I’ve ever seen. I really hope this is fake and really doesn’t have any connection to Disney.”

Guess what, Pete? I did extensive research (okay, I went to http://www.disneyfamily.com) and it’s completely legit. Well, as legit as a contest including toilet stories can be.

The best part? You can read people’s submissions. My personal favorite:

“We have 7 indoor cats and one of their favorite places to visit with us is in the bathroom. Several of them often surprise us by popping onto our laps as we relax on the toilet. Two of our babies like stealing toilet paper and attacking them like mad. One of them likes to surprise Dad as he stands over the toilet in a VERY unpleasant way. Either way everyday is highly entertaining with our cats in our bathroom.”

Where do I even start? With the statement “as we relax on the toilet”? Perhaps the fact that she calls her husband Dad and her cats babies?

Those are both concerning, but I think we’d better focus on one key point here: “One of them likes to surprise Dad as he stands over the toilet in a VERY unpleasant way.”

You have to watch out for those dangling participles. And let’s not forget the old saying, “Claw my testicles once, shame on you. Claw my testicles twice, shame on me.”

Thank you very much! I’ll be here all week! Please tip your waitresses!




5 responses

24 10 2010
Abigail @ Skywaitress

These people should learn how to use a door. If only for the sake of his “dangling participles”, HEE!

22 10 2010

i have a great toilet story. several, actually. this shouldn’t surprise you though. none of them involve cats and testicles, however. these people creep me out a little.

22 10 2010
Aimee @ A happy healthy life

LOL! I too can’t wait to see what YOUR entry will be. 🙂

22 10 2010

Jenn, I can’t wait to read what in your contest entry

22 10 2010


ohhhhh, the laughing. not getting over that one anytime soon.

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