Life Lessons

14 10 2010

We bought a new game this week called Flick Tac Toe. We bought it primarily to play with Big G, and he really likes it—especially since he’s a big cheater-pants and keeps winning. Seriously. Have you ever played any game with a 5-year-old? It’s like he has no concept of rules, and when I accuse him of cheating, he gets this wounded, “I can’t believe you would say that to me” look.

Anyway, each player gets five chips—one player is yellow, the other red. Today as we started a new game (to pass time between explosive poops*), we had this conversation:

Big G: What color do you want to be?

Me: Red.

He hands me the yellow chips.

Big G: You don’t always get what you want.

Now if he’d just learn to apply that to himself, we’d be set.

Also? He just informed me I shouldn’t have eaten a cookie, because now there aren’t any left. I’d like to note that he also ate a cookie, but thought I should leave all of them for him. Selfish little jerk.

*Why yes, my child does has a fecal impaction that we’re treating with four times the adult dose of Miralax. Thanks for asking.




3 responses

14 10 2010
Melissa (Dr.Mom)

Sounds like my little 5 year old, the dictator. And…he gets prune juice on a daily basis to prevent problems he has had. Wow…these two would be fast friends!

14 10 2010

oh geez. did he ask you what color you wanted just so he could say that?

14 10 2010

wow. Hope he gets back to normal soon!

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