The Best Medicine

12 10 2010

To wrap up my Albuquerque travelogue, I’ll share a few of the things that made me giggle during our trip.

One night Andrew, my 7-year-old nephew, asked Big G if he wanted to hear a joke:

Andrew: Do iguanas have tummies or wallets?
Big G: Tummies?
Andrew: No! They have TUMMYWALLETS!

And they both fell over laughing.

On our way to the mass ascension Saturday morning, we passed this truck:


Just go ahead and make your own redneck joke. It'll save us some time.


Friday afternoon I asked Big G to go use the potty (since he sometimes forgets when life is uber-exciting). Suddenly I heard two voices in the bathroom and realized Andrew was in the bathroom with Big G. I went in there to make sure messes weren’t being made.

I told my brother what I’d been doing, and said, “I had to make sure they weren’t peeing in the toilet at the same time. We all know  homosexuality starts with peeing together.”

His answer:

“Well, Ghostbusters taught us what happens when you cross streams.”

No, you can’t have him. He already has a sister, thank you very much.




4 responses

10 12 2011

oh my God!!! LOL
two little boys peeing together does NOT encourage or cause homosexuality. You won’t know if either one is homosexual or heterosexual until they hit puberty, and with males it’s already predetermined from their birth. If they were BOTH in their teens and were doing that, then I would be concerned, but if they’re 5 and 7 there’s nothing wrong with it. Peeing together and studying each other’s peepers is just something that little boys do. As long as there’s no physical touching involved, there’s nothing abnormal about it. From the time I learned to pee standing up to about 7 or 8, I had pee races with all my friends. Up until I was 16, I was having pee races with my all little cousins who were learning to pee standing up, and they were significantly younger than me. We’re all grown out of that stage now, but if two boys are related, it’s not harmful for them to do that up to a certain age.

15 10 2010

your brother cracks me up! so i guess that isaac will be gay also, since he and gabe have peed together. good thing they’re friends.
you should paint that majestic scene on the side of your mazda. just a thought.

13 10 2010

Jenn, in that picture of the redneck’s truck, I noticed that you didn’t aim the camera low enough to capture the scrotum hanging on the trailer hitch.

I still love the Ghostbusters too.

13 10 2010

gotta love a good ghostbusters joke!

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