Mundane Monday 10/11/10

11 10 2010

I’m going to start with the best part of my week, which deserves bold type:

We finally closed on our refinance!

The extra $250 a month is a wee bit happy-making.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell me what made your week great—it’ll make mine even better.

  • You may have noticed I went to Albuquerque with my mom and kids.
  • There were balloons.
  • Some of them glowed
  • Some reminded me of Lindsay Lohan. (I’m not explaining that one. If you get the reference, you rock my world.)
  • There were fireworks.
  • Plus other things that lit up the night.

It was a good week.




6 responses

12 10 2010

great photos! I love hot air balloons.

12 10 2010

mwahahahaha! so is firecrotch a bee or a bear?
we are getting a new computer, yeehaw!

12 10 2010
Kristina P.

Those pictures are stunning! And I need to refi.

12 10 2010

hmm. I want to refinance…
My happy? we got a child gate. Yay for prison bars on my home. However, they do mean that Airdree can’t try to kill herself by falling down the stairs that she finds irresistable…

12 10 2010

My happy week is refinancing as well and having a paycheck with overtime so we aren’t in the hole !

12 10 2010

Gorgeous pictures! So glad to hear about the loan. I rejoice with you.

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