Albuquerque, Day 1

7 10 2010

Or, “Welcome to the Land of Enchantment and Possible Psychosis”

I was going to post about how awesome the balloon fiesta was tonight—how amazing the special shapes looked, lit up and glowing from the inside. I was going to have pictures and stories and make all of you jealous that you’re not here with me.

But it’s windy. Silly balloon people apparently don’t like to inflate giant bags of a lighter-than-air gas on a windy day. Wimps.

Instead, I shall regale you with a story about…well, storytime.

Last night, as we were discussing what we wanted to do today, my brother said, “Oh, you’ve got to go to storytime. Seriously. You won’t regret it.” That struck me as a little odd, since we didn’t exactly drive 10 hours so we could listen to stories at the library. Then he informed me that the Erna Fergusson Library has a completely insane storyteller and I would love it.

Insane storyteller? Yeah, I was down for that.

He was not kidding. I wish I had a video of this woman. I couldn’t look at Peter during storytime, because I was about five seconds from giggling uncontrollably. I think the worst part was when she told the children to point at their hearts, and then proceded to cup her bosom. I wanted so very badly to say, “Uh, lady, I’m pretty sure that’s not where your heart is.”

Of course, I might see that as the worst part simply because Little G flipped out, forcing me to remove him from the room as the storyteller began her rendition of “Sunrise, Sunset.” I am not making that up.

Did I mention Little G was frightened by the storyteller? Yeah. She would look at him and say something, and he’d yell, “No no no!” and try to run away.

Best. Storytime. Ever.

As we left, I had a “you’re not in Utah anymore” moment. We walked by the Young Adult nonfiction and I saw this:

See that there book on the far left? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I won’t be finding that in my local library anytime soon. Not even behind the desk, where they keep the naughty books.

The library was apparently exhausting. When we got back to Peter’s house, Big G settled in on the couch and fell asleep. Under a giant bear.

Kids are entertaining.

Completely unrelated but worth mentioning: when my brother asks where his sink went, just look confused, okay? Because I think it’s going home with me.


And that photo doesn’t even capture the deep red color. I’m completely in love with this sink.

That’s it for day one. Tomorrow? We’re going to see a man about a pumpkin.




One response

8 10 2010

insane storyteller? yes please.

and your kid passed out under a giant bear? priceless. totally priceless.

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