Mundane Monday – 10/4/10

4 10 2010

Short list this week—I’ve got a to-do list a mile long. I know, lousy excuse, but there it is. Don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know what made your week great!

  • I’m going to Albuquerque on Wednesday to visit my brother and go to the Balloon Fiesta. Okay, no, it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m really excited, and that’s made this past week great. Crazy, but great!
  • Little G beaned Big G upside the head with a baseball. No, that’s not the awesome thing. I’m not that big a jerk. But immediately afterward, he said, “Sowwy” and looked genuinely contrite. It was adorable, despite Big G’s belief to the contrary.
  • We drove the Nebo Loop on Saturday. I know, this whole “drive the canyons” deal is starting to be a thing with us. I teared up at the beauty that God placed on this earth for us. Breathtaking.

  • I read “Renewal,” an amazing post about motherhood by La Yen over at El Paso Represent Yo. Seriously, y’all, go read it. Well worth your time.
  • Someone on Twitter called me a troll when I retweeted a silly, somewhat sacrilegious comment about LDS General Conference. It made me giggle. Dude, I’m a Mormon. I get to make those jokes. It’s called a sense of humor. You should look into that.
  • I learned how to spell sacrilegious. Totally not how it sounds. Stupid English language.

My life is awesomely ordinary.




5 responses

5 10 2010

* I am also visiting my brother but for the fall foliage of PA
* Lucky me, I got all 3 seats on the red eye flight to PA, unlucky me, the Delta lady took one of them for herself! I got no sleep. She slept the entire time!
* I can’t wait to get a Dunkin Donut. The white powdered one with the white cream center. Mmmm
* I feel at home here even though I’m freezing and don’t have the right to turn up the heat.

5 10 2010

sacrilegious always screws me up too! you’d think the e and the i would be switched, but no!
we picked 2 pumpkins that we grew ourselves. they’re sitting on the porch in front of the bundles of cornstalks that we also grew ourselves, along with orange lights on the railing. i’m frickin’ martha stewart.

5 10 2010

your last comment? made me so giggle.

I get it. even as a former Mormon, *I* get to make the jokes. but if someone else does, I’ll get all defensive. and I’m not even Mormon anymore! *sigh*

my week was great because my house is starting to get organized and cute!

5 10 2010

What made my week great, besides conference, was knowing that I’m not going to be in this job and this field forever–I was feeling terribly stuck, but no more! Also, I found an awesome grad program at NYU and, while the thought of picking up and moving makes me want to die a little, I think everything will be ok. Pretty awesome!

5 10 2010

I am wanting to know what you said to be called a troll!! That is hilarious…
I put up some of my fall decorations
We took some family pictures and Airdree is blurry in almost ALL of them!
I have slept in 2 days in a row and STILL got Naomi to school on time
My yeard is beautiful
I made over 40 cups of freezer jam
It’s finally fall. Yeah!

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