Ego Building

3 10 2010

My friend Sarah came over Saturday night, and we went to Rachel’s house (you know, Rachel of the squatting child and inappropriate coloring books). Before we left, I asked Big G if he needed to use the potty.

Big G: I don’t need to use the potty. I’m wearing underwear. Are you not wearing underwear?
Me: I’m wearing underwear. I’m funny like that.
Big G: (turning to Sarah) My mom has to wear underwear when she coughs because she pees her pants.




3 responses

4 10 2010


4 10 2010

You mentioned me!

4 10 2010

…………..couldn’t type because I was laughing………..hahahaha…………..still laughing! (I should be careful cuz sometimes I pee when I laugh too hard!)

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