Bringing the Funny

1 10 2010

Tonight we watched Iron Man 2. After noticing a specific move in Black Widow’s fight scene, Car says, “It’s kind of like a modified ice skating dance move.”

I love this man.

Which is sexier? Tony Stark’s incredible good looks (Robert Downey Jr.! Swoon!) or his phenomenal brain (People, he built a fricking particle accelerator in his workshop!)?

Discuss amongst yourselves.




4 responses

4 10 2010
Cat Lady

I was walking through the mall once, years ago (Vancouver), when I saw this man in this incredible suit in front of me. This guy was walking with such a sense of flair. I love good suits. When he got to the display counter with men’s cologne, he stopped and applied some to himself. I looked and it was Robert Downey Jr! He smiled at me and it totally made my day. He looks good in real life too and has that “it” quality going on. I like his style and his brutal honesty about himself, which he combines with a sense of humour.

3 10 2010

ok, that’s MY movie boyfriend you’re talking about there. ahem.

2 10 2010

how can you separate the two? brains and good looks? double swoon!

2 10 2010

His brains, duh! What a genius…

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