Think it Through

30 09 2010

It’s not just me, right?

We can never let the men know about this.




6 responses

2 10 2010

Snicker! That is hilarious! And true!

1 10 2010
Mad Woman behind the Blog

You know I say, let ’em try! Remember when the milk first came in, and when your baby latched on? I was on the ceiling w/ pain! (envision the scared cat holding on by her claws.)

1 10 2010

As a father of 4, I have suspected this for a long time *G*

1 10 2010

Hahaha! It goes no further.

1 10 2010

sooo I should steal a baby and breastfeed it? it’s for my health right? that’ll be my defense in court.

30 09 2010


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