Mundane Monday – 9/27/10

27 09 2010

Leave a comment at the end about what made your week great, won’t you? It makes me happy and stuff.

  • Today I took the boys to a new park, complete with splash pad. They had a fantastic time and I got to chat with friends!
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  • We drove up Payson Canyon tonight. On our way home, two bear cubs ran across the road in front of our car. Amazing.
  • Little G emerged from his “eating Grandma’s blood pressure pill” experience unscathed. I’ve lost 10 years from my life, but at least he’s okay.
  • There was something small and brown on my carpet. I was concerned, until Big G told me, “I think it’s a nut.” I pick it up (with a tissue—I’m not an idiot) and it’s some kind of seed from a tree or something, and it does look like a nut. Big G sniffed it, then said, “It must be a dirty small nut. It smells like my big nuts!”
  • I apparently will have a weekly story that involves me giggling like an adolescent when Big G uses the word “nuts.”

My life is amazingly mundane.




6 responses

29 09 2010

isaac successfully hid the truth of our expedition to the park. lydia asked why he had his shirt off and he said, “oh, it got wet.” i have taught my kid to lie, yes!
you know, i always love a good nut story. especially one involving big dirty nuts.

29 09 2010
Cat Lady

I just found your blog so I missed the blood pressure pill story. Glad it ended well. When my cousin was young, he ate the “chocolate” in the bathroom. It was exlax. My poor aunt could share your pain.

28 09 2010

aw nuts!

here’s the G rated version: there’s a guy I’ve had a crush on for over a year. we’re friends. I met him in person first but he lives elsewhere so we’re mostly internet friends. he came into my town last weekend. and our friend coffee date turned into a real date. *sigh*

28 09 2010

Airdree is crawling like a maniac, and is back on a sleeping schedule.
Naomi is doing well at school and makes me laugh on a daily basis.
I have had time to start sewing again.
I made pumpkin pancakes last night for dinner and they were amazing.
I watched Pride and Predjudice again. (yeah!)

28 09 2010

*I finally cleaned up the living room completely (removing current projects, everything off of the floor etc) and it feels great! Now if I could only keep it this way!

*I’m going to a sleep over at a hotel tonight because my friend is in town. We’ll hit a reception (blah), and hang out at the pool (yeah!) and then crash.

*My real vacation is almost here and I am SUPER excited!

*I did some long overdue(years) mending (sewing) yesterday. Wow. Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!

28 09 2010

Your “Nuts” story made me giggle too 🙂

*Braden had a final interview for a job that would be perfect. Keeping our fingers crossed until we hear back on te outcome.

*My oldest didn’t complain or claim he was sick when I dropped him off at preschool all last week.

*My parents drove cross country and should be here late this afternoon! Yay for family visiting 🙂

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