Slow Day at the County Jail

25 09 2010

My tax dollars at work:

Did you catch it? Let’s see some details:

I love a cop with a sense of humor.




3 responses

26 09 2010

so mickey has a drug problem, eh? so sad what the world has come to. too bad you can’t leave comments on the county jail site to let the cop know you appreciate his sense of humor.

26 09 2010

I like that Yogi Bear got arrested for “rooting for the U” and “fishing w/o a license.” Too funny! 😀

25 09 2010

48 pounds? Mickey got fat yo! I’m pretty sure a mouse is like a pound, if that. unless they mean the Mickey at Disneyland, but that’s just a girl (really, only girls can be Mickey) in a costume and if she’s 48 pounds, I’m staging an intervention.

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