You Know You’re in Utah

23 09 2010

When the “New Arrivals” box on the city library’s website looks like this:

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing—just that it makes me giggle.

In case you were wondering? Escape from Rwanda is about a guy who escapes from Rwanda (go figure) and then…drum roll, please…converts to Mormonism. I know!




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25 10 2010

ooo i didn’t know he converted to Mormonism. good to know.

i shall consider this the one thing i’ve learned today.

28 09 2010
Cat Lady

In my town, it’s all those Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and I’m just an Anne Sexton/Sylvia Plath type of person. I don’t do upbeat and perky. I’m serious…row upon row of them. I think that if books could be Stepford Wives, they’d be those books.

26 09 2010

Pretty sure my heathen library is all about sex and jews. and not mormons.

25 09 2010

flashbacks to childhood!

24 09 2010

Glad I escaped to a different theocracy. The only book readily available for patients to read here is the Quran.

24 09 2010

Only in Utah 🙂

23 09 2010
Cecily R

Terrance Howard, maybe?

23 09 2010

Love it. Only in Utah. 🙂

23 09 2010
Kristina P.

Does it star Don Cheadle?

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