21 09 2010

I did yoga tonight, so I’m all about inner peace. Since I’m feeling at one with the universe, I’m going to provide you with an informative list of things which don’t mix well. I’m helpful like that.

Oil and water.

Babies and a good night’s sleep.

Bulls and china shops.

Gum and hair.

Saints and sinners.

Sanity and PMS.

Mentos and Diet Coke.

Cats and dogs. (Don’t tell me all about how well your pets get along. I’m generalizing, people!)

Acids and bases.

Microsoft and Apple.

Yoga and incontinence.

You’re welcome.




7 responses

22 09 2010

Well, I’d been thinking about trying yoga, but I think I’ll pass. (Get it? Pass? Yeah okay me neither.)

Oh, wait, read Erika’s comment and then mine. Now I’m funny!

You are funny too. Funny as he__.

22 09 2010
Jessica G.

I hear ya, sister! And to that list I would add: kidney stones and camping trips. No kind of fun.

22 09 2010
Erika Hill

Can I revise this to say, “Yoga and Incontinence and/or Excess Gas”?

22 09 2010

thank you.

22 09 2010

LOL! 🙂 Actually, Mythbusters did the bull in a china shop myth, and guess what? They can go together just fine. Surprise!

22 09 2010

LOL! I like how you threw all the others in there so we wouldn’t notice yoga and incontinence 🙂

22 09 2010

Lol, you’re telling me! Yoga brings all sorts of weird crap on.

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