Mundane Monday – 9/20/10

20 09 2010

The past week brought a lot of laughs. Some tears, but I only wrote down the laughs, because that’s what this post is about.

  • Big G was in the kitchen, drawing on a piece of butcher paper. When he was finished, he came out and said, “You need to see my drawing, mom!” I walked toward the kitchen, only to be told, “You have to pay to see my drawing.” He then handed me his library card and told me I could use it to pay. He even showed me how to swipe it through the entertainment center.
  • Tonight we drove up the canyon to see the changing leaves. Only, they aren’t really changing at that level yet. But that’s okay, because we had a lot of fun as a family and we even got a close-up view of some deer, which thrilled the kids. According to Big G, “That was a fun adventure!”
  • I spent time with my hilarious Robinson cousins. I don’t see them often enough.
  • My mom and I mocked her GPS unit as it tried to guide us out of the cemetery after DeVere’s funeral. Apparently we made it angry, because after that it gave her the silent treatment, GPS-style (i.e. telling her to turn about three seconds before an intersection). For some reason, that was really, really funny at the time.
  • The Relief Society bulletin had an item listed about some humanitarian service we provided, only one of the instances was spelled “Hunanitarian.” I spent the rest of the hour contemplating a good definition. I might settle on “Magnanimous person of Chinese descent.”
  • Our ward is collecting items for the local food bank. They also need personal hygiene items, including “diapers for babies.” I guess I won’t be giving them a box of Depends. (Seriously, folks. These are the things I sit and giggle about during church. I know. It’s pathetic.)
  • We went to a pirate-themed birthday party for an 8-year-old. Little G spent the rest of the night saying, “arrrr” and Big G insisted upon wearing his pirate hat to bed.
  • Big G announced, “Turkey is a long way away, mom.” Since he and Car had been reading about volcanoes, I assumed he was thinking about that, until he announced, “It’s a long ways to see Drew.” Aha. Drew is his cousin in Albuquerque.
  • Big G was hilarious this week. On Saturday he saw some kids on the sidewalk as we drove past, and yelled out the window, “HI! I’M FIVE!” Then this morning he said, “Karson is my boyfriend.” Of course, he meant his friend who’s a boy, but I still giggled because I’m mature like that.

My life is superbly mundane.




4 responses

21 09 2010

I lived my whole life without ever seeing a deer in the wild until I moved to Oregon. and when I did? I was so excited! 🙂

Turkey. Albuquerque. same diff.

21 09 2010

i kind of can’t get over the diapers. really.

21 09 2010

I think we should plan a family vacation to Yellowstone next summer.

21 09 2010

I LOVE that you had to pay to see BIg Gs art. I Love that you used his library card and had to swipe it as payment! 🙂

We took our kids to the National Aquarium in Baltimore this weekend, ever since then whenever we say prayers my oldest son says “Thank you Heavenly Father for the Great White Shark that was going that way (he points with one hand as he has his head bowed and eyes closed), and then it went that way (then he points the other way). It totally makes me laugh every time.

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