An Explanation

19 09 2010

I was going to title the post “rolled dick,” but I was really concerned about the kind of spam that would attract.

I was writing a really intense post but got distracted by coverage of the fire in Herriman. I’ve had enough requests to explain yesterday’s post that I’m dedicating tonight to enlightening y’all as best I can.

My cousin, Dennis, asked DeVere what he’d like for breakfast. DeVere asked for eggs, and when Dennis came back with the eggs, DeVere said something along the lines of, “I’d like some rolled dick.”

I’m guessing it’s somehow related to spotted dick which, according to Wikipedia, is “a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants) commonly served with custard.” Did you just throw up a little in your mouth? Because I’m pretty sure I did. If you didn’t, click on that there “suet” link. You’re welcome.

So I can’t tell you exactly what rolled dick is. What I can tell you is that I do not recommend, in any way, shape, or form, that you Google it.

Trust me on this one.




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23 09 2010

thinking to myself…don’t goggle, don’t goggle, don’t google…urghh, why am I going to loose sleep over this? Maybe I’ll wait until I go to work and google. 🙂

22 09 2010

BTW, my daughter & friends are big Harry Potter fans. One of the foods mentioned in the book is Spotted Dick. They thought that was hilarious of course, and googled it.

I ended up having to make it for a party that they had upon their insistence. I used butter in lieu of the suet (because EWWW). I had a little taste, and it was OK. However, if I had a choice as to the calories I consumed, that certainly would be low on the list, along with things like carrot pudding.

20 09 2010

She left out the fact that the request was made by someone with severe dementia (or Alzheimers)

20 09 2010

It still doesn’t make sense. They’re born-and-bred Southerners, not Brits! This can’t be the right explanation, but it’s still awesome that Dennis told that story at the funeral.

20 09 2010
Kristina P.

You know that telling me not to Google something just makes me Google it, right?

20 09 2010

Oh yes, I know. But this time I warned you in advance, so if you didn’t learn your lesson, it’s on your head.

20 09 2010

thanks for that. I won’t. I’ll sleep happier tonight knowing I don’t know what rolled dick is.

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