Service without a Smile

14 09 2010

Dear convenience store clerks,

Hi. How’s your day going? Apparently not well, if the expression on your face is any indication. So sorry about that. Listen, I know you hate that your store has a drive-thru window where irritating people like me can get Dr. Pepper refills. Believe me, I get the whole drive-thru angst thing. I get it so well that I never use the drive-thru for my drink unless my kids are in the car with me. See how awesome I am?

(Seriously, people. If you’re in the car all by your lonesome, go inside to get your prescription. Unless you’re really, really sick…in which case you probably ought not be driving. Don’t tell me you’re in a hurry, because the drive-thru at the pharmacy takes far longer than coming inside.)

Oh. Whoops. I wasn’t talking about the pharmacy. I was talking to the convenience store workers. My bad.

Being angry does not make the window go away. Sadly, it doesn’t even make the customers go away. Trust me. I’ve tried it. Specifically, I’m not going away if you are the only thing standing between me and the Dr. Pepper. Tread very carefully.

In summary, would it kill you to smile? Or, at least, to not look at me like I’m something you stepped in at your Uncle LaVerl’s farm? I’d really appreciate it.


Completely unrelated news item: Apparently Car got Little G to say that I’m the gorilla. Crap.




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17 09 2010
I’m The Hippo « Like Swimming

[…] I’m The Hippo 17 09 2010 Hey, remember how I wrote that post about whether I was the gorilla or the horse in Little G’s pretend play? And then I found out, to my dismay, I’m the gorilla? […]

15 09 2010

mwa ha ha, uncle LaVerl. he would totally have a farm. because only old farmer dudes from utah and idaho are named laverl.

15 09 2010

WordPress Proofreader didn’t object to”crap”?

15 09 2010

Uncle La Verle? You should see the look they give me when I drive up and want a water….

15 09 2010

seriously. just pretend, people. just pretend.

15 09 2010
Kristina P.

Can you get me a Jr. Whopper?

15 09 2010

Why else would they have a drive-thru window if not to serve endless refills of dr pepper? 🙂 I”m just jealous your convenience store has a drive-thru.

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