Mundane Monday – 9/13/10

13 09 2010

Why does this post always fall on the days I’m in a lousy mood and want to be snarky? Yeah, yeah, I get the message. Fine. Life is all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. Whatever.

Read about the origin of Mundane Monday. If you care.

So, yeah. When you’re done reading, tell me what made your week great. Or not. Whatever.

  • Big G has been wearing underwear all week and it’s actually going really well, as long as we don’t count today. Also, I told him to “listen to his body” to know if he needs to go, and he took it literally. Every time I ask him what his body is saying, he puts his hand on his ear and pauses. You know, like he’s listening. Awesome.
  • I had the following exchange with Sara from Saving For Someday (@savingforsomeday) on Twitter:
  • This, friends, is why you never tweet after 10 pm.

  • My rheumatologist’s office called with the results from my semiannual visit. In the words of the nurse, “Your test results are stable.” I thought that was hilarious. Obviously my test results aren’t “normal.” If they were normal, I wouldn’t be seeing a rheumatologist twice a year.
  • I tried to explain the humor in using the word “stable” to the nurse. I’m pretty sure she’s made a notation in my medical records about how lame I am.
  • Last week I called Car’s work and inadvertently called his boss “babe.”
  • Car’s boss didn’t realize I’d called him “babe” until Car felt compelled to enlighten him.
  • Car is apparently kind of a jerk.

This one is my favorite, so it gets its own special paragraph based on hilarity:

Tonight Big G had some poop issues. I’m not going to detail those, because I want you to keep reading my blog. Anyway, I asked him if he was having tummy troubles.

Big G: No, mom. It’s just ass.
Me: Excuse me?
Big G: It’s ass.
Me: What was that?
Big G: It’s poop ass.

At this point I was a bit concerned. Where did he learn that? I’m no paragon of perfection, but I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to keep my language pretty clean around the boys. Still, it’s really hard to be serious when you’ve got a 5-year-old telling you something is “poop ass,” but I managed to keep it together. I’m a great mom like that.

Me: Try that one more time.
Big G: Mom! It’s poop ass!

And then the light bulb went on in my brain. See, Big G speaks, for the most part, very clearly. That makes it easy for me to forget the little problem he occasionally has with the “sh” sound.

Me: It’s…poop ash?
Big G: Yes! It’s poop ass!
Me: Ash.
Big G: Ass.
Me: ASH.

Good enough. Right now you’re probably wondering what poop ash is. I have no good answer to that question, so I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

My life is overflowing with mirth, but still pretty average.
That’s okay by me.




9 responses

14 09 2010

-I enjoyed the poop talk from you and your friends.
-I haven’t been turning on the computer as often as usual. I’m so proud.
-I have attempted to make a quilt after many years. I did great but have gotten frustrated with things not lining up so I threw it at my mom. She will be finishing that part. She needs to feel needed so I’m good with that.
-Daytime TV sucks and it has gotten worse. Can we have anymore Judge shows?! (no cable)

14 09 2010

poop ass…sorry, I meant ash. —>great post

The word poop is a staple in my house. I’m always asking the boy if you pooped or if he can poop, is the poop hard to get out, etc…and he’s always telling me he pooped at the most inappropriate times (for me that is). I keep telling myself I should watch the use of the word before he starts blabbing it away from me out with other family members/friends.

I hope your week is looking up!

14 09 2010

I haven’t taken my Celexa for a week, so my weekend/week are not going well. Angry Mimi.
–> Colin is walking ALL OVER THE PLACE, which is pretty hilarious since he doesn’t have a firm grasp on balance quite yet. Add to this his random squealing, sounds, and gesticulations and you get quite a show! 😀

14 09 2010

Thanks for a great laugh! I think I can actually understand what “poop ash” is!

As far as Mundane Monday goes…
~I am sooooooooo grateful I still have my husband (who was almost killed last year) despite everyday frustrations associated with his new condition.
~There was more change in that silly coin jar than we thought, since we are completely out of money right now.
~Even when our toddler pitches a fit… she is still adorable!
~So what if I didn’t get to the dinner dishes, who ever really does? At least we have clean underwear, towels, etc.! Meaning I did actually get to some laundry!
~I met a new sister in our ward and realized how happy she is even though she is not exactly what society portrays as “physically acceptable”… she is fat and happy and very cute! I need an attitude adjustment and to accept that I might be happier and cuter if I could/would wrap my brain around being so pleasingly plump!

14 09 2010

so i’m thinking poop ash is like fire ash. it’s the leftovers when a fire/poop is out. like a shart. yeah, i just wrote shart. take that, wordpress proofreader.
the choco-zucchini muffins were the highlight of my monday. so so so scrumptious! thanks for the recipe.

14 09 2010

poop ass. priceless!

14 09 2010

Sorry to hear you are not feeling like your “normal perky self”…I can completely relate…at least you didn’t blow up at your mother in law and end up in a heap of crying with your 5 year old asking if you had really gone crazy….That was the highlight of my week….
Actually, A has finally started to crawl, N has become somewhat of a rules nazi at school…(for better or worse). My flowers are blooming, Fall is in the air. I have great friends.
Life IS good Jen. I am thankful for the continual reminders..

14 09 2010
Sara at Saving For Someday

Thanks for chatting with me on Twitter tonite! I hope your brother doesn’t sue us.

14 09 2010
Rachel Adamson

Poop ash… makes perfect sense?? Nothing like a 5 y/o boy explaining poop!

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