Gorilla vs. Horse

9 09 2010

Big G received a Pillow Pet for his birthday (Snuggly Puppy, in case you’re wondering). If you don’t want to click on the link, here’s a summary: It’s a pillow. It’s a pet. It’s a Pillow Pet! (If your kids watch Nickelodeon or Sprout regularly, I bet that song is now stuck in your head.)

Snuggly Puppy is very cuddly. Behold:

Snuggly Puppy inspires heart-melting moments. This afternoon, Little G awoke from his nap in a very bad mood, so Big G gave him Snuggly Puppy to help him feel better.

Snuggly Puppy is also the source of much contention. The boys share sleeping space (their choice, not mine) and Little G is not well-pleased that he doesn’t get the Pillow Pet. Tonight he tried to steal it from under a sleeping Big G’s head, all the while yelling, “Mine! Mine!”

In an attempt to circumvent such problems, we deeded one of Big G’s stuffed animals–a very soft gorilla–to Little G. He likes to cuddle with it and make it his pillow. It’s all very cute. Really. It is not, however, the point of this post. (Yes, there’s a point.)

Little G has a serious aversion to sleep. I don’t really understand it, because sleep is my very best friend. As best I can tell, he’s terribly concerned he might miss something life-changing if he nods off, and to that end, he will crawl, chatter, hug, play, and do anything else he can think of to avoid falling asleep.

Tonight’s bedtime diversion involved stuffed animals. Little G picked up the gorilla and Al (the Wells Fargo stuffed horse) and held them above his head. He smooshed their heads together like they were kissing. He made them dance around. He jabbered away like the gorilla and horse were conversing. All this was interspersed with the same repetitive phrase: “Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad!”

No, he wasn’t calling for us. As best I could tell, the gorilla and horse were mom and dad.

This begs the question: which am I, the gorilla or the horse? I can’t decide which I’d prefer. I mean, horses are obviously sleek and pretty and all, but gorillas are fierce.

As I was typing “the gorillas are fierce” I suddenly remembered a trip to the zoo with my sister-in-law and the kids. We got to the gorilla habitat, and there sat a large, majestic gorilla…eating his own poop.

I think I’ll be the horse.




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4 01 2011
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17 09 2010
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10 09 2010

dude, car would definitely have to be the gorilla in the relationship. i mean, come on, he’s a furry beast-man! you are clearly the sleek and majestic one.

10 09 2010

For sure, the horse. As “motherly” as mommy gorillas appear to be, I am thinking you are much more horse material. Yes. Horses are (I took this right off a website about horses…) “Horses are symbols of speed, strength, and stamina… Horses have muscular bodies and powerful legs… horses seem to have a secret energy…” Take that for what it is worth. Hope Car is not too disappointed as his new “appointment.” Oh, and how about this? “They are friendly strong fast and beautiful.” Right off an explanation of a horse!

10 09 2010

I think I would rather be the horse…unless that would make me a horses….never mind.

10 09 2010

My oldest has been asking for a pillow pet for over a year! I’m not ever getting one because of that mind numbing jingle (thanks to you it is now stuck on repeat in my head!)

9 09 2010

Damn you Pillow Pet jingle!! It’s all I can think of now!!

9 09 2010

Hey Kinzley has the same pillow pet. She got it last year for her birthday. Then when she concused herself during garbage can gymnastics and we had to take her to get an MRI, she forgot her baby to hug in the machine. So we ran into the giftshop at the hospital in Provo and they had mini ones that matched the big ones. Guess what she got to hold for her MRI? Yep we have 2 pillow pets.

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