Wordless Wednesday – I Think He Likes It

8 09 2010




9 responses

10 09 2010

hahahaha! as a professional decorator, i applaud your “effort”. there, was that snooty enough? no really, this is a way cute cake and a cool idea. you rock, jenny!

10 09 2010

so cute!!

10 09 2010

That cake is awesome… even more so if you did it! 😀 Cute, cute, cute!

9 09 2010

I know I like it! That cake is so cute (as is the birthday boy!)!! Deets on the cake please!

9 09 2010


What’s to laugh at? You should have seen my pathetic attempt at a fire engine cake for one of my kids b-days years ago–people assumed she (age 3) helped me ice it. Um, no . . . I’m just REALLY lame.

8 09 2010
Jessica G.

THAT FACE is the reason why I continue to decorate cakes.

8 09 2010

hahaha THis is so cute!

8 09 2010

Ah… look at that face. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that.

8 09 2010
Cecily R

Look how HAPPY he is!!! I love it!!

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