Giving Myself Permission

7 09 2010

Tonight I’m giving myself a pass. I’ve done really well with my commitment to blog daily. Not every post is a winner, that’s for sure, but I’ve managed to avoid the “Not much going on today. Had PB & J for lunch.” kind of posts.

But right now? I have pneumonia. And it really, really sucks. If you’ve never had pneumonia, I really can’t recommend you try it out. The first time I had pneumonia, I was admitted to the hospital. This time around, I have “walking” pneumonia which, as far as I can tell, means I have all of the same symptoms but not quite enough to land in the hospital, and therefore I still have to take care of my kids because outwardly I appear to just have a really bad cold. Not that I really want to be in the hospital, but when the doctor says, “The best way to beat this is to get lots of rest,” I can’t help but chuckle. And then cough half a lung up.

I’m going to tell my insurance they can either pay for a nanny or they can foot the bill for a hospitalization. I think I’m onto something here!

The weirdest thing about this is that 5 days ago, I wasn’t even sick. I had some bothersome allergies, but it’s just that time of year. On Friday I started to feel a little under the weather, but nothing too serious. Saturday was Big G’s birthday, and I didn’t feel fabulous but again, not really horrid either. By Sunday I thought maybe I was getting a sinus infection, and Monday I was pretty sure that’s what was going on. But today, Tuesday, I have pneumonia. What the crap, people? That’s just not right.

So no real content tonight. Just a request for some leeway while I try to fight this. The doctor said it can take 4 to 5 days before I feel any benefit from the antibiotics (unless, you know, they don’t work and we have to use a different antibiotic), and up to a month before I feel like my normal self again.

What can I say? I’m an overachiever.

*How sweet! The WordPress Proofreader is being nice to sick little me and saying I have no writing errors.



9 responses

10 09 2010

no bueno! feel better!!!!

9 09 2010

I agree. YOU NEED SLEEP! Find it somewhere, anywhere. At least your brain is still functioning even if your lungs aren’t… Your post was still funny as usual. Let the house go, the laundry go, even your pride go… Call someone to take the kids. How about your mom??? I know, I try to avoid that one as much a possible myself, but the alternative is worse. When I had pneumonia my senior year at BYU I got worse before I got better. All in all, it took be over a year to fully recover from that stupid setback and I didn’t even have kids to be responsible for… And with your other “health” issues ~ don’t chance it!!!! Love you.

8 09 2010
Cecily R

I’m so sorry you’re sick Jenny! Since I’m a day late, maybe you’re feeling better? I hope?

8 09 2010

I’ll be over to get the boys after I drop off kids in the morning. I know you told me “no” the other day when I asked, but maybe you’re just a bit more tired now then when I asked last. Get some sleep, for heaven’s sake!

8 09 2010

Hugs dearie. Being sick SUCKS. Get better fast!!

8 09 2010

I’ve never had pneumonia, but that’s how bronchitis develops for me every time. I sure hope you are able to recover without the hospital this time!
Healing hugs,

8 09 2010

Treat yourself well, ‘kay?

(Had pneumonia for my 18th birthday / senior year spring break, still remember how much it sucked.)

8 09 2010

I like Kristina’s advice. I pulled out my snuggie last night and cuddled it – there is something soothing and healing about a snuggie! 🙂 Seriously, I hope you feel better Jen. I think it might be time to enlist some of your local ward members to watch your little monkeys….because lots of sleep is really best (and mommies can’t ever get LOTS). Wish I was around to help you out.

Side note: I’m going to try and do better and actually write comments to your awesome blogs (I’ll even try to comment on the mediocre ones too – tee hee). Thanks for keeping me laughing (and sometimes crying) each day. You always were a great writer.

8 09 2010
Kristina P.

That is majorly sucky. I think you need to wrap yourself up in a Snuggie, and lay around on the sofa.

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