Mundane Monday – 9/6/10

6 09 2010

I’m sick. Like, my sinuses might explode sick. I can’t sleep because of the coughing, either. So if this post is a little bit short or, say, not as uplifting as usual? I blame my upper respiratory tract.

As always, tell me what made your week great–it always makes my week even better!

  • Big G turned 5.
  • Big G stopped wearing pull-ups. Can I get a “hallelujah”? He even made it through 3 hours of church with no accidents. (We’ll ignore what happened today.)
  • Little G continues to be vastly entertained by using the potty. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.
  • We had an awesome party for Big G at grandma and grandpa’s house. He loved his presents, and the kids got to beat the crap out of a fish. In piñata form, of course.
  • My sister-in-law accepted a job offer that lands their family in St. George. Only 4 hours away from me!
  • Car took the kids to the park today to give me a break. When they came back, Big G had his hands hidden behind his back. “Guess what I have?” I guessed unsuccessfully about five times, and then he held out acorns he’d collected at the park. Cute, right? Sadly, I have the maturity of a 12-year-old boy, so I giggled all afternoon at the following: “Mom, can you hold my nuts?” “Mom, how many nuts do I have?” “Mom, I need to wash my nuts! They have to be clean!”

My life is hilariously mundane.




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8 09 2010

I was in Vegas for the whole weekend and got to play with Nick’s relatives! 😀

7 09 2010

-I went to a birthday party for a 1 year old.

-My motorcycle battery died several blocks from home. Couldn’t jump start it so I hitched a ride home, drove back, charged it, jumped it, drove home, walked back to my car, drove it home.

-I’m really enjoying my book.

-I lost an hour or more of my life today to a job interview that I walked out on before it got started. They appreciated my honesty but I would have appreciated them not wasting an hour of my time on pre-interview crap.

-I planted some trees in the yard today. Very satisfying and they were only $2.50 each.

-I am about to go to the store for some Diet Coke. It sounds real good right about now.

7 09 2010

i didn’t have a headache yesterday, and my mom cleaned my bathrooms. woo hoo! ooo, and we had guacamole bacon cheeseburgers for dinner last night, mmmmm.
i giggle at nuts and balls. every time. this is why we get along so well!

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