And This Is Why I Don’t Remember My Dreams

2 09 2010

First item of business: All is well with my heart. It will, in fact, go on. And on. Thanks for your concern and well-wishes.

Last night I had a very vivid dream. I’ll spare you the boring details–in a nutshell, Car and I were on a road trip with the boys, Car’s brother, and a few nephews. They all drove off and left me stranded at a gas station for several hours. When they finally came back for me, Car opened his door and I started kicking him. Really, really hard.

You see where this is going, right?

I woke up kicking Car. Really, really hard.

Car: Jenny, are you awake?
Me: Yes.
Car: You were kicking me.
Me: I was still mad at you.
Car: So…you woke up before you started kicking me?
Me: You left me behind!

In the end? We giggled like little kids.

I love this man.




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4 09 2010

i dreamed i was at a fireside where pres. monson was speaking. he needed some visual aids and props, which i of course had, and naturally one of them was a hot dog. me: “why yes, you’re in luck, i have one more turkey dog left!” he ate the dog after the talk was over. naturally.

2 09 2010

aaaand this is why I’m still single. teehee.

2 09 2010

I am glad to hear that all is well.

As for the dream? This sort of thing happens to me all the time . . . powerful dream images that linger into the waking hours. Mark loves when I get angry for things his dream-self has done.


2 09 2010

I’m so glad you 2 were able to giggle. My husband doesn’t understand when I have feelings that linger after I awake from a dream. I get the frustrated “It was just a dream! I didn’t actually do it!” Maybe some day….
So glad your heart is healthy (I was going to write “good” but we already knew it was good).

2 09 2010
Kristina P.

Glad you didn’t die today! That would have been a bummer.

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