Mundane Monday – 8/30/10

30 08 2010

Don’t forget to tell me what ordinary things made your week great. Seriously, that part always makes me smile. I’ve been tempted to do away with my touchy-feely Monday posts, but then I wouldn’t get to hear all about your lives!

This week:

  • Little G pooped in the potty! I know half of you don’t care, but trust me when I say this is a huge deal around here (after all, Big G, who turns 5 on Sunday, still wears a pull-up).
  • Our refinance seems to actually be moving forward.
  • Big G had a good follow-up with the (really cute) neurologist. Stop judging me. I’m allowed to enjoy the view.
  • I picked up an extra shift at work. (Does anyone want to watch my boys?)

That’s all I can think of right now. I’d write more, but I’m already pushing the time on this post. Pretty soon it’ll be Tuesday, and we’ll be one day closer to (insert dramatic music) the end of the pull-up era!

I did mention that Big G said he’d stop wearing pull-ups when he’s 5, right? And that his birthday is this Sunday? Yeah. You could say I’m a teeny bit excited. You could also say the Great Wall of China is a teeny bit long.

My life is stunningly average.

*Hey, WordPress Proofreader! You may have noticed I gave you a nice little break. I’m pretty awesome like that. But today? You are back on my persona non grata list for questioning the validity of the word “pooped.”




5 responses

2 09 2010

My 3 year old has been running around the house singing, “Bob, the builder! LET ME FIX IT!” He’s gone from positive thinking to pretty much aggression! It still made me laugh.
Also, my house is clean…and has to stay this way until it sells. I like clean.

31 08 2010

I had my awesome family over for Sunday dinner. The grandsons played and were so happy and cute, and my awesome daughter picked veggies from my garden so that I don’t have to hurt my back. Hearing the boys squeal with delight while being tossed in the air was truly heaven on earth.

31 08 2010

-I had a really nice weekend because I made it that way. After a very long Sunday nap I decided I was in the mood to visit my parents (yes, I have to really be in the mood). We had a very nice visit. I restarted a knitting project with my mom.

-I finally got a job interview. It has been a while.

-I sent out 3 cards. Birthday, Sympathy and Welcome to your new Home.

-I helped my friend C weed her little yard so that her neighbors don’t hate her.

-Cheap ice cream is not my friend.

-I have been farting a lot lately. More than an acceptable amount of farting. (See cheap ice cream comment) It is not lactose intolerance.

-I am really enjoying the cooler weather!

31 08 2010
Erika Hill

this week i mowed half of my lawn before realizing that pushing our lawnmower (which runs on manpower and nothing else) to cut our foot-long grass i the backyard (we don’t let the front get that long–we’re whited sepulcher like that) might qualify as “heavy pushing” and therefore pop the stitches in my hand. i laughed about it.

also, only being able to type with one hand (and my left, at that) has made me type like a teenager, and for some reason i find it funny.

the documentary i made about my dad has been watched 21 times on vimeo. that makes me happy.

31 08 2010

this is a rough week for me to think of happy thoughts. but I’m happy for yours! oh wait, I have one: my best friend painted grass on my toenails. 😀

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