Proofreading Is Not Optional

29 08 2010

Some of you may remember the infamous (in my mind, at least) letter V worksheet Big G brought home from school last year. I brought it to the attention of the school principal, and she was properly horrified that they paid for misspelled educational worksheets.

Big G’s first day of school was last Monday. He had a fantastic time, and came home with a little poem (accompanied by a tracing of his hand).

Yeah, it’s a terrifically bad poem, but aside from that, did you catch the oopsie?

Let’s take a closer look:

Now, I think my kid is as awesome as anything, but I’m guessing on this, the first day of school, he was pretty darn far from “sacred.”

Miss Kathi is going to love me when I bring this to her attention!




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4 10 2010

Also? That whole line is grammatically incorrect:

Like the raccoon’s first day of school,
I was sacred and a little shy

The first day of school is not sacred and shy, the RACCOON is.


31 08 2010

I hate forced rhymes. Also I hate bad editing.

I’m sending my as-yet-fictional kid(s) to private school…

29 08 2010

I would also like to have a bit of a rant about the capital letter use in this poem too. Why does ‘my’ and ‘school’ have capitals in the first line of the first stanza? Why does ‘raccoon’ have a capital in the second stanza? Capital letters are the single biggest error I correct in my job as a proofreader and I can see it starts at school! BTW, don’t worry that your kid probably wasn’t ‘sacred’ on his first day; mine got sent to the principal’s office!

29 08 2010

WELL, maybe your kid *is* sacred. you just never know about these things.

man oh man, I am a total grammar nazi. if my kid (assuming I ever have or purchase a child) came home with grammar or spelling mistakes on handouts, I’d have a fit.

it could be a learning experience for him though. my dad taught me to have a keen eye for editing and proofreading by having me look through the newspaper for typos and errors.

29 08 2010

Oh boy. I start teaching next week and I’ll strive to have a sacred first day! Haha.

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