From the Mouths of Babes

27 08 2010

Big G likes to build “houses.” His houses generally consist of couch cushions, pillows and/or blankets. Today he built a pillow slide for his Zhu Zhu Pet, Drayko. (“Mom, Drayko is hungry! What does he eat?”)

During the course of play, I accidentally knocked down the slide, which prompted:

Big G: “Mom! You’re causing trouble!

I’m a little bit bummed he didn’t tell me I was causing confusion and delay.

FYI: I think Sir Topham Hatt is emotionally abusive to the engines on Sodor. (“You are not a useful engine!” “You have caused confusion and delay!”) It’s just a matter of time until the trains band together to form a union or something.




3 responses

27 08 2010

sir topham hat is an a-hole

27 08 2010
Stay at Home Babe

My son used to tell his sister that he was going to be very cross with her. Yeah, maybe Thomas has underlying messages of self-loathing.

27 08 2010

agreed about Sir Topham Hat. . .LOL….too much Thomas!

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