Mundane Monday – 8/23/10

23 08 2010

It’s been a rough week for the Smiths (my family, not the band). Still, there were moments that certainly deserve to be celebrated:

  • Little G went pee in the potty. Three different times. At this rate, he might be potty-trained before Big G.
  • Today was Big G’s first day back at preschool. In his words, “Mom, I missed school when I wasn’t there.”
  • Our home appraisal went really well.
  • When I say, “I love you” to Little G, he tries really hard to say, “I love you too.” It sounds nothing like that, but he’s trying!
  • I’ve picked up an extra 6 hours a week at work. Now to find someone who can watch my boys…

What made your week great?

*No, WordPress Proofreader, I didn’t mean weak. I meant week. Jerk.




7 responses

24 08 2010

um, hello wordpress proofreader, weak doesn’t make any sense at all in that sentence! you are clearly superior to the proofreader, jenny.
i only have one child for half the day. it is so fabulous.

24 08 2010

Picking beans and vegetables with my awesome daughter and darling grandsons. Watching Big G harass snails after refusing to ascend a ladder where there was a “spider web” (one little silk string!). Watching Cars with Little G. The dog finding the dead fish we had thrown in the garden under all sorts of bushes, and promptly consuming it, as related very objectively by Big G!

24 08 2010

On the potty training front, The Child finally managed to poop in her potty. I never thought I’d be so ridiculously thrilled to be looking at a turd.

24 08 2010

-I went for a bike ride last night with my friend. It was nice AND I got some much needed exercise.
-I’m going back to bed once I post this… because I can.
-I started another book.
-Had a good laugh yesterday when posting flashback photos on fb.
-I’m out of conditioner.

24 08 2010

first off…are you moving?
A is finally figuring out how to play be herself for about 10 minute stretches. N starts school and already has her first day outfit picked out. The feeling of fall is in the air and I LOVE fall.
We got (and continute to get) A TON of tomatoes from our garden!

24 08 2010

My husband stayed home for an extra hour this morning because I was having a hard day.
I stopped potty training and put F back in diapers. (I gave it 6 months and we were seriously regressing.)
I worked on the dissertation for 1 hour last night.

24 08 2010

Looking at my online registrar account and finding out the class I thought I received a B+ in is actually an A-. Learning my youngest son is a sleep talker just like his siblings by saying “Uh oh uh oh UH OH, hehehehehe” in the middle of the night. It was too cute. Finding out that I get a $200 refund on my electric bill from our condo which will be applied to our house bill. Appreciating that for some reason when I filled up at the gas station last night, I went from having only 26 miles left on my gas gauge to being filled up but the gas pump said I only filled up $5.86 worth of gas at $2.64/gal. (somehow the math seems a little off and the pump did act strange by cutting off frequently while trying to get enough gas to pick up the kids from marching band). Hearing that our university president proposed and was able to pass a motion to give all employees a 3% raise. – I’m convinced I’m in some alternate universe with all these good things happening this past week.

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