Mundane Monday – 8/16/10

16 08 2010

Do I need to bother with the intro any more? I guess if someone came in with this as their first post, they’d probably wonder what I’m doing…

So. Mundane Monday is all about celebrating the ordinary things that make life beautiful. I’ll write about my week, and then you tell me about your week.

  • Someone found my blog by using the search term “prostituting myself.”
  • I went to a birthday party for a 4-year-old.

    They had a helicopter piñata...

    ...and a helicopter cake...

    ...and my amazingly talented friend Mimi crocheted a Rambo Monkey for the birthday boy! (The clothes? Removable. Mimi is a fricking genius!)

  • A few nights ago, as Little G was falling asleep, he sat straight up and said, “Choo-choo!” in a little tiny voice. I told him, “We can watch Thomas tomorrow,” and he said, “Yeah.” He dozed off soon afterward, muttering, “Choo-choo…”
  • I got new sunglasses.

    Which means Little G can have my old glasses.

  • Little G, who’s in speech therapy, climbed up on the arm of our couch and said, “1-2-3 JUMP!” and then flung himself onto the cushions. I can count that as a full sentence, right?
  • We’re trying to refinance our house. If we’re successful, we’ll save at least $200 a month. (Say some prayers for success, won’t you?)
  • All the boys went to a fathers & sons campout, and I had an entire evening to myself.

My life is beautifully common.

*Mimi is happy to custom craft a monkey if you’re interested. She also does other animals with her mad crocheting skillz. I’m betting she’d make nifty outfits, too. Let me know if you need her info!




10 responses

18 08 2010

Oooh, I’m the winner! Jenny, you’re the best! 😀 I also made the cake and most of the helicopter!

-Isaac’s birthday party was awesome
-Hubby & I went to a garage sale when they were cleaning up and got a bunch of stuff for free… only paid $5 for a cute, green serving set!
-Lost 3 pounds so far on my diet
-Colin took a 2 hour nap today!

((And to any of you lovely readers of Jenny’s blog that want some crocheted animals, I will ship them anywhere you want them to go!!))


18 08 2010

way to advertise for mimi! i like that rambo monkey looks like he’s about to make an oh-so-suave bow.
lydia started school, yee ha!

17 08 2010

“skillz”???!!! Are you nuts? Haven’t we had conversations about this issue?

Happy, beautiful moments:
Sitting quietly outside with Big G while he watched with wonder a bird taking a bath in the stream!

Little G sharing my ice cream and looking very happy about it!

My life is anything but mundane because I have you and the two G’s!

17 08 2010

I sent 58 individual emails for Relief Society and managed to do it in one evening.

I got all my laundry washed (now I just have to figure out who is going to fold it all and put it away)

I had a fun chat with the exterminator when she came to spray the basement for spiders (how sad is that that I am so starved for adult conversation that I follow the exterminator around as she kills bugs in my house? Hey- she is mormon and from Utah.)

My favorite this week- Baby C got his first tooth 🙂

17 08 2010

um, i worked 47 hours last week, though it meant missing isaac’s b-day. i’m a horrible auntie!

16 08 2010

I got to play with my nephews, Little G tried to tickle Hero and it was adorable I will have to send you a copy of the pic 🙂

my 13 year old is a great helper, my 18 mo old is trying 🙂

I got the house cleaned

16 08 2010

I love both of your kids and I’ve never even met them. For real.

I’m officially a homeowner!
Ava looked so small and yet, so big in her new full size bed
I cooked my very first meal in my new home last night
My boss is on vacation this week 🙂

16 08 2010
Jill k

I like the choo choo story. Tell it again.

16 08 2010

I crochet as well. That monkey is too cute!

16 08 2010

-I’m getting over a cold.
-Hanging drywall and excited to shower when we’re done.
-I cleaned up the house really good the other day but you can’t tell now. :\
-My dog is cool. He entertains himself.

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