They have phones there?

12 08 2010

Apparently I need to start a new blog dedicated to bizarre billboards, since I spend a lot of time obsessing about them. Today’s gem is located on southbound I-15, between the Orem University Parkway and Provo Center Street exits. There’s no convenient way to photograph this billboard (especially with the continual nightmare that is construction), so I managed to track down this lovely photo:

Heaven or Hell Billboard

Photo from groopie's photostream on flickr.

Poor Satan. He doesn’t even get phone service. No wonder he’s pissed. How can he run the underworld if he can’t text his minions?

How many people do you think prank call that number on a daily basis? “Hey, Heaven? I’d like to order a large pepperoni pizza…” Yeah, I know, it’s probably a recorded message. Thanks for harshing my mellow.

*Alternate obvious joke: “Um…I thought I was going to Spanish Fork…” BWAHAHAHA! I so funny!

**I do find it refreshing that they’ve chosen a scripture other than John 3:16. Way to branch out!




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13 08 2010

I totally thought of you on the way home from Bear Lake yesterday. Somewhere near Odgen, I’m not exactly sure where because, let’s face it, it’s *Ogden*, there was a Sizzler billboard:

“I like to Sizzler backward!”

OK, so it had a picture of a little girl and said something smaller underneath about eating dessert first, but still…

Also, said Bear Lake trip is why I didn’t respond to your text on Tuesday. Will call. Someday.

12 08 2010

Ok, so I called and Father somebody of Billboard Ministries answered.
That’s as far as I got (being the good Jewish girl that I am….

12 08 2010

I saw this billboard as I was driving home to Albuquerque. As I pondered the question it posed, I decided I must be going to hell, because Albuquerque sure ain’t heaven. And actually, some places in New Mexico don’t have phone service! Maybe we’re on to something here…

12 08 2010
Erika Hill

Jenny, I make fun of this billboard every time I drive by it! The thing I always think is that it’s amazing that they have a hotline that can tell me where I’m going–it’s like the ultimate psychic hotline. Do they ask some preliminary questions first? Who’s willing to call that number and find out?

12 08 2010

What an awesome billboard. You need to come out to the southern bible belt sometime – it’s like that all over the place. I saw the Mr Rogers Neighborhood billboard when I was in Utah this summer – made me laugh as I thought of you! Your favorite billboards seem to have a connecting theme…..:)

12 08 2010

LOL! Obviously the billboard was designed by someone in their church who’s qualifications were only that they knew how to turn on a computer and type.

12 08 2010

This might be my new favorite feature. Jenny’s crazy billboard of the week

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